Supported cellular breathing and tissue sponging

Welcome to In Touch Somatics.

My name is Bob Lehnberg. I teach somatic education for manual practitioners including massage therapists, body workers and yoga teachers. Classes are based on principles of Body-Mind Centering® and include demonstrations, videos, partnered activities and discussion. Simple qigong warm-up and centering practice is also a part of class.

In my manual applications classes, I organize the material according to body systems and developmental movement patterns. All levels of experience in bodywork are welcome. Methods learned in class may be directly applied to the modalities you already use. You will hone your manual skills and develop your ability to understand and inform clients and students.

I am based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and hold classes state-wide from Wilmington to Asheville. Find out more about me.

I offer the following courses of study:

  • Somatics is the connection between our living physical body and our mind. To learn more please click somatics.
  • Movement practices based on principles of qigong cultivate greater sense of ease and integration. To learn more please click qigong.
  • Kinesiology is the study of functional anatomy and musculo-skeletal movement. To learn more about my 30-hour correspondence course please click embodied kinesiology.


Student group supporting physiological flexion pattern